Surface Protection Product Technology

Total Protection Solution!

Co-extruded Films

Fixon surface protection tapes are made from Coextruded films, which offer you the most cost-effective way to combine the performance characteristics of multiple film materials to achieve a multitude of needs.

An outer layer might be designed for special slip characteristics, abrasion resistance, or printability. Other layers might provide barrier properties, formability, temperature resistance, and others. The inside layer might be designed as a strong or weak sealant layer. Other layers might add strength, stiffness, flexibility or adhesion.


Fixon’s surface protection tapes are coated with high technology with a precise coating weight from our complete range of custom formulated adhesives. The adhesives are applied to specifically design surface protection to meet the challenges of your application.


We have been providing printed Surface Protection products for over 3 years for various specialty profiles. Fixon Surface Protection films can be custom printed with your company’s logo and design to extend your brand awareness and enhance your product’s image.


• preserving the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residue, stain or marking once the film is removed

• stable and controlled adhesion, throughout the life cycle of your product

• withstand rigorous fabricating processes including sawing, routing, drilling, screen printing and thermoforming

• easy removal, without tearing, even after thermoforming and even after extended outdoor aging

• designed for the most rigorous manufacturing processes including slitting, cutting, roll-forming, foamed panel fabricating and bending

• significant outdoor resistance (3 to 6 months and certain cases up to 8 months).

• environmentally-friendly, solvent-free technology

• reliable protection for painted bodywork that prevents costly damage during transport

• stable adhesion with no lifting during transport

• operator and applicator support with customized application tools

Product Code Surface Reference Recommended Product Thickness Adhesion Level Outdoor Aging Printing Option
4090 Acrylic / Polycarbonate Clear 1.6 mil Low 6 months Yes
8031 Aluminum Composite Panels Black/White 3.2 mil Low 6 months Yes
8040 Automotive body parts Black/White
3.2 mil Medium/Low 8 months No
8050 Coated Metal/Aluminum Black/White 3.2 mil Medium 8 months Yes
8011 Glass / Mirrors White / White 1.6 mil Very Low 3 months Yes
4091 Plastics Clear 1.6 mil Low 6 months Yes
4092 Pre-Painted Coils Clear 1.6 mil Low 6 months No
6552 PVC / uPVC Profiles Black/White 2.6 mil Medium 6 months Yes
4094 PC / PMMA / PET Clear / Blue / White 1.6 mil Low 6 months Yes
4093 SS Coils / Kitchen Sinks Blue / Transparent 1.6 mil Very Low 3 months No
6554 Stainless Steel Glossy Black/White 2.6 mil Low 3 months Yes
6555 Stainless Steel Matt Black/White 2.6 mil Low 6 months Yes
4095 Wood Glossy Clear 1.6 mil Low 3 months No
8090 Wood Textured Black/White 3.2 mil High 3 months Yes

available in widths up to 1600mm
available in clear, blue and black/white & white/white


The information contained is provided for product comparison and as a reference guide only. FIXON expressly recommends that customers complete a full evaluation, including application to the surface to be protected under specific process and surface conditions that will be utilized in actual production.

The evaluation should include environmental conditions the end-product will experience during its life cycle and duplicate the length of time the surface protection product will be applied to the product.