Clean Removable Tapes


Colored polyethylene cleans removable tapes.

Durable and conformable film backing with a moderately aggressive adhesive.

Does not leave residue on most surfaces.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor application.

Can be printed to creating your Brand Image and Improve profile of product.

Available in bright glossy colors

Excellent solvent and chemicals resistance. Stand up to chemicals mechanical wear.


Excellent for color coding, identification of products and packaging material.

General masking film application

For splicing plastic films

Surface and label lamination


Film : Low Density / High Density polyethylene (LDPE / HDPE)
Adhesive : Acrylic Based Pressure Sensitive
Color : Clear and Opaque Colors
Thickness : 35 – 150 microns
Dimensions : Width - 12mm to 1320mm Length – 50 meters to 1000 meters (Standard) (Custom length and thickness possible as required)
Printing : Any design of 4 colors of your choice
(Half-tone printing possible with limits)

Film L D P E / H D P E
Thickness 35 -  150 microns
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Adhesion to Steel       gm/mm 35 gm / 25.4mm
Unwind Force < 50 gm / 25.4mm
Tensile Strength-Longitudinal > 3 kg / 25.4 mm
                -Transversal > 2 kg / 25.4 mm
Elongation      -Longitudinal > 200 %
                -Transversal > 400 %
Core Diameter 3” (76mm)
Shelf life 1 years at room temperature
in dry & clean area

** Material Safety Data Sheet and Specification are available on request.